Seoul: My Dream Trip

Walking around Seoul truly can give you a million feelings and memories. Seoul is the gift that keeps on giving and it is one of a kind experience for the traveler whether this is the great smells, pictures, and history you may have.

Starting with Hongdae street throughout the day, the streets are swamped with hundreds of people of all ages, giving you the real feeling of a Korean local.

When walking around, the first thing you will notice is the great number of people watching and recording, street performers professionally dancing or singing famous Korean songs all around you, showing you how the music culture is emerged in their lives.


It’s a fact that in the last years, that the Korean Fashion Week is now on the biggest Fashion Weeks list. There are multiple stores both big brands and no-name brands that may capture your attention with their colors, countless designs and one can go and look around in order to adopt the famous Korean street style.


Continuing your walk, there are the Korean street food stores whose smell, combined with the low prices, will compel you to stop your exploration and try the wonderful street snacks which are usually eaten on the spot. From the familiar Pita named Cracker bread with a sweet twist, to more traditional Korean snacks like Gimbap, which is seaweed that’s filled with rice, pickled veggies and a slice of egg or Tteokbokki that are chunks of rice cake, like gnocchi, that once cooked they are coated in the addictive Korean red sauce, your choices are endless.pjimage.jpg

If you prefer eating at your own pace, there are great food restaurants that deliver a more gourmet side of the Korean food cuisine. They can satisfy both the traveler that wishes to try all the traditional Korean dishes or the famous Korean BBQ but moreover, those that wish to try other cuisines such as other Asian cuisines or even some delicious looking handmade burgers.


And the visitors can see all these are just by discovering Hongdae street.

For those interested in the nightlife, Itaewon is the place for them. There is an impressive and luxurious nightlife with numerous clubs that one can choose. However, there is one condition to enter and that is that they need to be impeccably dressed to be allowed to enter a club.


For those that prefer a relaxed kind of night out, there is an alternative famous choice, karaoke. Large groups of Koreans prefer to go in stores and belt off to great Korean and American hits till the early hours.


Continuing, you have the more historical side of Seoul, and in my opinion, the most magnificent side of Korea. Generally, Asian countries have a great history, and Korea couldn’t be any less. It’s history and amazing sights, in connection to the skyscrapers near it, capture the attention of the tourists and show how the Korea of today is connected to old Korea.


Going to Gyeongbokgung Palace, you can walk in through the majestic Gwanghwamun Gate entrance, see the guards of the palace wearing colorful uniforms ready to fight and protect the castle and be amazed by the Geunjeongjeon Hall and all the buildings around it.


There are multiple buildings through the tour guide that are stunning such as Geunjeongjeon Hall, the main throne hall of the palace, Gangnyeongjeon Hall the living quarters for the king.


Of course, I could not miss the opportunity to mention, my personal favorite Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, that was used for entertainment when important foreign visitors visited the palace which has a wonderful view of nature and the buildings surrounding it.


For the ones that may want to explore a little more, there are more, of course, more palaces to see around Seoul.

But what I would recommend, as a more interesting way to get to see another side of the very technologically advanced Seoul is, to visit one of the three remaining oldest villages remaining in Korea, Bukchon Hanok Village. Little picturesque houses have been completely renovated in order to remind the visitors of the traditional houses but at the same time, facilitate the residents.

Although it needs a lot of walking to find places that are not filled with tourists, it’s worth seeing all kinds of people walking around you, getting to know the history of these places, and of course one shouldn’t forget, the amazing photos you can take of places like this.


Being influenced by Kdramas and Kmovies, visiting the Han river is a definite goal for the aficionados. The river has various activities for the people that love water sports such as kayaking, flyboarding, skiing that can allow you to explore the river in a more creative and unusual way.


If you are not a water sports lover, two other options are to go on a boat cruise or rent a bicycle. With your bicycle, you could go around the river on your pace looking around at all the beautiful corners, stopping to admire your surroundings, relax in the grass and have a picnic with your friends, could possibly be the perfect way to live your own Kdrama.


Every October, there is an amazing firework event which is visited by 1 million people and there are all kinds of fireworks and events by famous Korean singers, that is considered a once in a lifetime experience.


I truly believe that Seoul is a dream-trip that one should try and achieve in his life. You get to see a country that is unique in the way it connects technology and history.

It will offer you and the real experience of a new culture, kitchen and generally a new way of seeing things and personally, I cannot wait to visit this country to see all these sights and do all these activities with my friends.


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